The better I eat, the better I feel.

So I’m just a girl, sitting here, trying to be vegan…

– ME

Leslie Rott was a vegetarian for 15 years when she decided to become vegan. She has a Master’s degree and PhD in Sociology from the University of Michigan, and a Master’s degree in Health Advocacy from Sarah Lawrence College.  She was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis in 2008, at the age of 22.  She is a blogger, e-patient, health activist, patient advocate, sociologist, and writer.  In addition to My Vegan Year, she authors the blog Getting Closer to Myself (www.gettingclosertomyself.blogspot.com), and has contributed to a variety of other health-related sites, including CreakyJoints, Health Central, Healthline, Lupus News Today, Mango Health, and Rheumatoidarthritis.net.  Previously, Leslie has worked for the Hospital for Special Surgery, the Partnership for Palliative Care, and the Global Healthy Living Foundation.  She currently works at HealthCall, a community healthcare company in Royal Oak, Michigan.