Week 3 Menu

I'm a little late posting about Week 3's menu, so I'm going to go through the highlights. For breakfast, it's been oatmeal for me. And for lunch, we've been bowl-ing it up again. Sushi bowls remain the favorite, along with a new one that I'll post about below, and one that I threw together and … Continue reading Week 3 Menu

Week 2 Menu

I'm going to be focusing on the highlights here, mainly because I didn't do as good of a job remembering everything that I made. In a separate post, I'll be sharing my first recipe! I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this whole meal prep, and vegan meal prep, thing. I find … Continue reading Week 2 Menu

Week 1 Menu

Here are the recipes that I made during Week 1 that are worth sharing: Slow Cooker Vegan Saag Paneer I love that this recipe uses tofu instead of cheese. This recipe also provided me with the opportunity to use my food processor and Crock Pot for the first time. It turned out amazing, honestly it … Continue reading Week 1 Menu